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On Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
The Peoples Government of Murang’a County
Office of The Governor
Reviving Murang’a County
Our client, the office of The Governor, Murang’a County is searching for the best proven high achievers to help revive Murang’a County in the following broad areas as County Executive Committee Members and/or Volunteers willing to offer their knowledge, experience, expertee or networks towards a better Murang’a.
  • Finance, Strategy and Economic Planning- Category Ref 5713
  • Agriculture (crops and livestock) – Category Ref 5714
  • Trade & Investment – Category Ref 5715
  • Local and International Funds /Resource Mobilization – Category Ref 5716
  • Roads and Public Works – Category Ref 5717
  • Education and Social Services – Category Ref 5718
  • Health Services – Category Ref 5719
  • Marketing-general and marketing of coffee, tea and fresh produce – Category Ref 5721
  • Management of Natural Resources (energy, water, forests & environment etc) – Category Ref 5722
  • Physical planning – Category Ref 5723
  • Communication and Stakeholders relations – Category Ref 5724
  • Cooperative development and management – Category Ref 5725
Person Profile
The County Government Act 2012 section 35 provides that;
A person may be appointed as a member of the county executive committee if that person:-
  • Is a Kenyan citizen
  • Is a holder of at least a first degree from a university recognized in Kenya
  • Satisfies the requirements of chapter 6 of the constitution
  • Have knowledge, experience and distinguished career of not less than five years in the field relevant to the portfolio of the department to which the person is seeking to be considered
Job Profile
  • Implement county legislations
  • Implement within the county, national legislation to the extent that the legislation so requires
  • Manage and coordinates the functions of the county administration and its departments
  • Perform any other duty conferred on it by the constitution or national legislation
  • Supervise the administration and delivery of services in the county and all decentralized units and agencies in the county
  • Carry out any other functions incidental to any of the assigned functions
Murang’a County is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women and persons with disability to
Kindly specify whether you are enlisting for consideration as an Executive Member or as a volunteer participant.
Private sector players are highly encouraged to apply and enlist.
  • Job Ref:
  • Your Name
  • Current / Past Salary: Year 2012 pm; Year 2013 pm
  • Murang’a County Only (Please specify your constituency)
Send your application by hand, courier, or email so as to reach us by 10th April, 2013. Send Cover Letter and CV and attach copy certificates. Mark Job Ref. No. on top left of the envelope.
Send to: 
Executive Selection Division,
Manpower Services (K) Ltd,
12th Floor, Landmark Plaza,
Directly Opposite Nairobi Hospital Entrance
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