County Flag, Coat of Arms, and Slogan Design Competition for Kirinyaga County

On Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Kirinyaga County

Office of the Governor

Design of Kirinyaga County Flag, Coat of Arms and Slogan Competition


In line with the constitution of Kenya 2010 and the County Government Act, No. 17 of 2012 section (4) we wish to invite the public to participate in designing the Kirinyaga County Flag, County coat of Arms and Slogan.

The same act stipulates requirements to guide the design of the above as follows:
A County symbol shall not be the same as or bear a likeness or similarity to a national symbol
The designs should not infringe on any copyright and contestants will indemnify Kirinyaga County against any infringement
Kirinyaga County performs various functions guided by core principles in delivery of services which include public participation, transparency, accountability and integrity.

The functions are set out in the 4th schedule of the constitution of Kenya.


i. Entrants must be Kenyan citizens and Kirinyaga county residents are encouraged to apply

ii. The contest is open to individuals and organized teams but not any corporate entities

iii. Entrants must be eighteen years and above

Entry guidelines

1. The entrants are required to collect an entry form from Kirinyaga County Office of the interim County Secretary

2. Entrants must not submit more than one entry in each category

3. There is no fee to enter the contest

4. Please note that once a winner has been selected and awarded, Kirinyaga County shall retain copyright and all intellectual property rights

5. The design should reflect the socio-cultural and economic aspirations of Kirinyaga County

6. Submissions of the proposed designs should be in full color measuring 28*20cm and in high resolutions (pixels)


The winner in each category will be announced through the press and will be awarded as follows

a) Kirinyaga County Coat of arms and slogan. Winner cash prize kshs. 50,000 and certificate, first run up kshs 30,000 and a certificate second run up Kshs 20,000 and a certificate

b) Kirinyaga County flag: winner cash prize kshs 50,000 and certificate, first run up kshs 30,000 and a certificate second run up Kshs 20,000 and a certificate.

The Interim County Secretary
Kirinyaga County
P.O. Box 254

OR email [email protected]

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