County Symbols (Flag, Coat of Arms and Seal) Design Competition for Kilifi County Government

On Sunday, May 12th, 2013

County Government of Kilifi

Invitation to participate in a Competition for designing of County Symbols for the County Government of Kilifi

The office of the Governor of Kilifi County wishes to develop County Symbols through Competition by Creative and innovative artists and designers.

This is a requirement as stipulated in the County Government Act No. 17 of 2012 section 4 which have the said symbols, developed through Public participation.

These symbols are:

1. County Flag

2. County Coat of arms

3. County Seal

The features in the County Symbols must capture the diversity and social economic potential of the County which would include but not limited to:
County Unity and Cultural diversity
Tourism (the Indian Ocean, Marine life and the beaches along the ocean)
Agriculture (farming including coconut farming, irrigation and livestock)
Education and Human Resource Development (including sports, culture and performing arts)
Resilient, hardworking and hopeful communities.
The designs presented will be subjected to public views after which the winning designs will be adopted.

The winners will be awarded in order of merit as follows: –

First position: Kshs. 100,0001=

Second position: Kshs. 50,000I

Third position: Kshs. 30,000/

The following terms and condition will apply:

1. The competition is open to the public

2. Each entry must present the three symbols

3. Any material, graphic, software or otherwise submitted by the entrant in the competition shall belong and remain the property of the County Government of Kilifi.

4. A panel of experts will be appointed by the Governor to evaluate submissions and select the best three entries

5. The decision of the experts will be final

6. The County Government of Kilifi will communicate the outcome of the competition to all entrants.

Designs should be presented in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked “Symbols of Kilifi County”.

The designs with a CD should be submitted to the undersigned so as to reach him on or before Friday, 24th May 2013

Interim County Secretary
County Government of Kilifi
P.O Box 519 – 80180,

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