Obgyn and Paeditrician Consultants at Jacaranda Health

On Monday, July 1st, 2013
Obgyn and Paeditrician Consultants
Jacaranda Health is a social venture that aims to set a new standard for maternity care in East Africa. 
We are combining business and clinical innovations to provide affordable maternity and reproductive health services to low-income urban women. 
We have launched one clinic in Nairobi last year, and are currently expanding to other locations in the region. 
We strive to be a data-driven company which improves its operational efficiency through informed decision making on the costs and pricing mechanisms in the health care market. 
Please visit www.jacarandahealth.org for more details.Jacaranda Health Ltd has exciting part-time opportunities available for the following;

Obstetric Gynaecologist (OB/GYN).

PaediatricianThese consultant physicians will serve as clinical consultants/experts by working as part of a clinical team currently comprised of Nurses/Midwives and will be tasked to provide on-going continuing education/simulations/drills alongside occasional on-site clinical consultation

Consultants will need to be available for telephone consultations on an on-call scheduled basis for a minimum of 4-8 hours per week. On site clinical consultation at least 4 days per month to

The Consultants are subject to the medical protocols established by MOH and the Director of Clinical Operations in cooperation with other physicians assigned to the clinic.

They will be required to provide own malpractice insurance for respective services.Consultants must be licensed by the Kenya Medical and Dentists Practitioner board and must possess over 3 years experience as practitioners.

To apply, please send in your resume/cvs to [email protected] with the subject line

Application for Obgyn position or Application for Paediatrician position.
Preference will be given to applications received by July 20, 2013
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