Operations / Logistics Manager at Copia Global

On Friday, September 13th, 2013

Copia Kenya
Operations/Logistics Manager
Nairobi, Kenya

Organization Description

Copia Global (“the Company”) is a for-profit, consumer goods catalog order and delivery service for the peri-urban and rural populations of the developing world.

Just as the Sears catalog revolutionized life in the pioneer days of the United States and Amazon revolutionized life in the internet age, the Company is applying many of the same marketing and distribution concepts to increase access for rural and peri-urban populations. With $5T of annual income, the peri-urban and rural populations of the developing world represent a huge untapped market opportunity.

These populations remain underserved with no affordable access to basic necessities.
Copia Global, using mobile communication technology and the internet, will open up distribution to these hundreds of millions of the world’s population, enhancing their lives while creating a world class operation.

Please see www.copiaglobal.com to learn more.

Operations / Logistics Manager

After running a successful pilot proving demand, Copia Global seeks a talented, entrepreneurial individual to join the team and help manage the company’s operations and logistics.

This position requires excellent communication and organizational skills.  
You must have experience in an operations/logistics role with proven results. 
You should possess the creative problem solving abilities of an entrepreneur, and the desire to roll up your sleeves in the early stages of a company’s development. 

You report to the Senior Supply Chain Manager and will be responsible for managing all activities that contribute to the company effectively providing its distribution services.
  • You will help build and manage our sorting facility,
  • You will help build and manage our fleet, 
  • You will liaise with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery of procurements
  • You will liaise with the Sales Team to ensure our customers get their products on time
  • You will constantly liaise with IT Manager to make sure we are building systems that automate operations
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree with evidence of good performance
  • Comfortable interacting with people and building relationships
  • Strong communication skills
  • Highly analytical
  • Enjoys intellectual challenge and fast pace
  • Operations and Logistics experience required
  • FMCG Distribution experience preferred
This is an opportunity to work with a seasoned group of entrepreneurs and investors  and be one of the early team  members of a company with enormous potential.Compensation: Compensation will be awarded in the form of a base salary and equity, bonus dependent on performance
Application Process
Please submit a cover letter (in the form of a detailed email) explaining your interest in the position along with your resume to Crispin Murira at [email protected]
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