Sales Executives at Ediface Limited

On Sunday, September 1st, 2013
Ediface Limited, we are looking for very experienced Full Time Sales Executives.

All Candidates must have experience in selling Printing, Branding & Graphic Design solutions to Small, Medium & Large institutions

1) Sales Qualification
2) Minimum, 1 years in sales in similar field & "Industry"
3) Must Have a Ready Clientele to approach
4) Team Player
5) Good communication skills with the English & Kiswahili.
8) Well Dressed & impressive Direction & Leadership Skills.
9) Well organized
10) A Good Understanding of Printing, Branding Knowledge & Terminology.

Your Role:
1) Booking Appointments
2) Meeting Monthly Sales Targets
4) Oversee events, marketing and promotional items for approval with Design Department.
5) Work Times: 8:00am-5:30pm
6) Any other roles given by Management.

When you join Ediface Ltd, We expect you to bring your best! Bring your best sales strategies to the table and we expect you to start making a
difference from the 1st month.

Send CV : [email protected]
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