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On Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Hashi Consulting is an advisory firm. The firm comprises of Three Partners and over a thousand multidisciplinary consultants specializing in various sectors and competency.

We serve a broad range of clients, including publicly and privately held companies, governmental agencies, financial institutions, and civic and religious organizations. Core industry focuses include Public and Social sector / Not-for-profit, Consumer and industrial products, financial services, and Oil, Gas and Mining. The firm focuses on serving dynamic organizations that pursue to appropriate value through revenue improvement, leadership, strategy, operations or innovation.


• Access to finance and financial management

• Capacity building and technical assistance in

O Agriculture and food security

O Education

O Oil, gas, mining and energy

O Gender empowerment

O Global health

O Wealth creation, Community and Gender Development

• Investment advisory

• Research

• Strategy, operations and Logistics

• Business performance and mitigation

• Talent management, training and assessment

Due to continued growth in the region, we are looking for a range of experienced multidisciplinary professionals to join our leading team for potential short and long term assignments on various programmes across Africa in the following sectors:

• Governance and accountability – including public finance, decentralisation, public administration, public policy and practice, and related skills;

• Private sector development – including trade, economic integration expertise, international competitiveness enhancement, investment promotion, trade policy formulation and implementation, ‘making markets work for the poor’, services for SMEs and related skills;

• Sustainable and renewable energy expertise – renewable energy technologies, energy governance and monitoring, energy project development and financing, and related skills;

• Public health – health systems strengthening, maternal and child health, performance based financing, health education and promotion, and related skills;

• Agriculture and rural development – including agricultural extension, agricultural economists, agricultural value chains, and related skills;

• Education – including education programme management, education planning, education institutional reform, education planning & budgeting, education economist, and related skills;

• Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) – including WASH programme management, WASH institutional reform, rural and urban WASH systems implementation, and related skills;

• Conflict prevention & resolution – within fragile and conflict affected environments.

• Financial Management Specialists (Finance strategy, Working capital management)

• Operations specialists (supply chain management, operational reviews, cost reduction, Business processes frameworks

• Strategy Specialists’ (Corporate Strategy, Product and Business Innovation),

• Corporate Performance (balance scorecard development and implementation)

• Human Resources Consultants

• Economists and actuaries’

The ideal candidates must have at least 3 years relevant experience as well as an advance degree in a relevant discipline. Experience in Africa will be highly considered.


Interested candidates are requested to forward their curriculum vitae giving details of their qualifications and experience on or to [email protected]

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