Technology Support Specialist at Nuru International Kenya

On Monday, November 4th, 2013
About the Organization:
Nuru International Kenya is an NGO committed to ending extreme poverty in remote, rural areas by offering locally-led training in agriculture, personal finance, healthcare, and education. 
Nuru focuses on cultivating service-minded leaders and equipping people with tools and knowledge to lead their communities out of extreme poverty. 

Using local income-generating activities, Nuru sustains its work and funds program scaling into neighboring districts – thereby multiplying impact. 

Nuru’s vision is to create a world where people living in extreme poverty have the choice to determine their future.  
About the Position:
This is not a typical IT position in a typical company.  
Nuru is working to serve the communities in Kenya and relies on efficient technology platforms to help scale their programs throughout the country.

Do you have amazing technology skills and want to put them to use to end extreme poverty?  

We are looking for someone who thrives in taking initiative to solve problems and pioneer new solutions.  
We are looking for someone who can accomplish the work with excellence but also cares about the people by serving across all the programs within Nuru.

Qualification, Duties and Responsibilities:

Nuru utilizes the following technology:
  • Google Apps is the core and most other applications at Nuru are access through the google accounts.
  • Google Drive for collaboration, file sharing and syncing files to local computers for offline use.
  • Management of the laptop computers being well maintained with licensed software.
  • QuickBooks Premiere 2013 – multi-user version hosted on a local area network
  • Crash Plan Pro – setup for a local backup solution to an external hard drive or another computer on the network.
  • Skype and Google Hangouts for online meetings and real-time communication.
Regular IT Management Tasks
  • User management for new hires and existing team members.
  • Infrastructure support for the local area network at the RTC and internet access through Safaricom.
  • Standardized laptop setup for all new staff on Windows laptops.
  • Responsive and caring technical support for user questions and issues.
  • Communication about new technology updates or training items published every month.
  • Supporting the department level projects for new rollouts, upgrades, selection process and any ongoing technology level needs.  (i.e. QuickBooks upgrades, new hire checklist and workflow, primary trainer for tools used in the field)
  • Work with Nuru US and other country teams to architect their communication and technology needs.
  • Maintain documentation and regular communication with the Nuru teams in different countries including the US teams.
  • Contribute to the best practices for Nuru worldwide for IT support.
  • Maintain a disaster recovery plan including documentation of all logins and essential service and vendor relationships.
  • Reporting to the head of finance and administration.
Minimum Qualification
  • At least a diploma in information technology or computer science. A Bachelor’s degree will be preferred.
  • An In-depth knowledge of networking, programming and repairs
  • Minimum 3 years in a busy organization handling networking, programming and computer repairs.
  • Good training knowledge as the office holder will be responsible for training new staff on the organization IT systems.
  • Excellent knowledge in goggle applications.
Location: Isibania, Kuria West District
Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience.
Equal Opportunity Employer: Nuru International is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Qualified Individuals, Please Apply:

Interested applicants should submit their testimonials including resume/CVs and cover letter supported by at least two known references. 
Please complete your application in English, include your phone number, and turn it in at our offices / Human Resources Manager at our main office (see PO Box for mailing information) or email it to [email protected], cc [email protected]  
Please outline how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position.  
The deadline for receiving application is 15th November 2013.
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