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On Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

We’re looking for a software developer with experience of delivering complex, data driven web sites.  You will be autonomous, with the tools and proven skills to work on your own.

You will take over the immediate support of our WebsiteRecruitment.com code, and deliver future developments to specification.

Working from your home office, you will be a very important cog in a small but perfectly formed team.  Your rewards of will include the satisfaction of seeing your product at work, and changing the way recruitment is done in Kenya and the wider African continent.

The current technology is Microsoft SQL server and ASP.net with a jQuery UI.  The existing code can be seen running at our website at www.websiterecruitment.com.

You will be the technical lead, and the development resource.  You’ll need to be able to consult the online development community to solve complex problems, using the resources you find to develop brilliant, reliable solutions.

Your attitude to coding challenges

If you like to carefully explain why things can’t be done, then this is not going to be the job for you.  On the other hand, if you have the maturity and communication skills to assess requirements and suggest better ways, then we’ll work well together. 

The bottom line will be your can-do attitude, with the user’s experience at the heart of everything you do.

The position

We’re looking for the right person to do the job. That’s what matters to us.  Right now, we’ve got enough on our plate for a full time role, so that’s how we’d suggest we work together.  But if you’ve got a preference for being self-employed, but you have the availability to immediately dedicate substantial time to this project, then we’re open to discussion on the exact nature of our relationship.


Your qualifications

We’re looking for someone with the proven ability to do this job.

If you’ve got a great, relevant academic history, and you’ve delivered complex data driven websites before then brilliant – we want to hear from you today.

If you’ve got a bunch of great academic qualifications, but you’ve never delivered a complex, data driven website, then sorry, you are not going to be the one for us.

And if you have delivered complex sites, but don’t have a great academic history, then we want to hear from you too.

So what matters is your ability to deliver.

The handover

After a successful launch, our existing developer is moving on to other things.  But we’ve arranged a set of hand over notes to get you started, and if you feel its necessary, then they will be on call and able to help get you running.  But the plan is for your to carry this project yourself as soon as possible.

The projects

We’ve got an immediate list of 4 or 5 projects that our clients have asked for, and we’ve got a number of others in the pipeline.

One project is the complete redevelopment of the UI, to replace the existing jQuery with jQuery mobile (see www.BimaSasa.com for an example of a jQuery mobile site).  This will obviously be one of the larger projects.

We don’t rule out starting with the larger project.  By starting with the complete replacement of the UI you can come to grips with all the system functionality and business logic, and be better placed to enhance that moving forward.

As with all projects, we’ll expect to discuss these options with you, receive your considered and valuable input to the decision, and then move forward along the agreed path.

The way we work

While small and informal, we work within a defined structure, proven to deliver what we need in a timely manner.

All user requirements are first document in functional design documents.  You won’t do these – the design team will.  You will get the functional designs, and be invited to comments on them, suggest improvements, query anything that is not clear, and then design and estimate the underlying code.  Once your estimates are approved, you’ll be left alone to deliver to the given design.


Closing date

We have an immediate and urgent requirement to fill this role. 

This position will remain open until filled.

To apply

Apply online at http://websiterecruitment.com/careers/908

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