Presales team member at GVA Partners

On Monday, July 14th, 2014

Job Description

Responsible for developing customer solution in the sales cycle, based on understanding customer needs and aligning those needs with the partner &the company’s alliance offering. Shall support the sales team with the required product information, communicate sales strategies effectively and support sales team in the entire liaison required.


Key Responsibilities

  • Work with  sales team to help define / refine sales messages and ensure sales packages are developed and messages communicated to sales team
  •  Ensure that the Pre-Sales resources evolve in line with the Marketing Message and Sales Teams stated requirements
  • Production of responses to Requests for information/ Requests for pricing / Requests for proposals
  • Work with Sales personnel to provide product, business and technical knowledge in support of pre sales activities
  • Liaison with Product Managers and Development to understand details of product direction and design and communicate information back to sales organization
  • Responsible for understanding business and technical problems addressed by the products
  • Responsible for staying on competitive analyses and understanding differentiators between the company and its competitors
  •  Responsible for preparing for meetings and understanding differentiators between the company and its competitors
  •  Monitoring and managing the technical pre-sales environments
  • Developing and generating the sales and related reports for analysis


  • Must be experienced Telecom Operator  in Enterprise segment (4 to 8 years)
  • Must be a Team player and adaptive to the competitive market environment
  •  First rate network and services support experience
  • Experience of working to strict KPI and SLA (Internal and External)
  •  Sound applied theoretical knowledge of core and access network infrastructure, data and voice services
  • Exceptional communicational and interpersonal skills
  • Fully aware of the contemporary, evolving technologies in the field of communications, internet and Telecom industry

Interested Candidates can send resumes to [email protected]

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