System Developer at Indepth Research Services

On Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
Description: We are an international training and consultancy organization offering technical training and education services designed for individuals, and organizations working in the agriculture, climate change and environment; disaster management; education; food and nutrition; health;  humanitarian relief; logistics and telecommunication; recovery and reconstruction; safety and security; water sanitation and hygiene sectors .
Allowances: Information available on request.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Writing specifications, designing, building (developing), testing and implementing (installing a program into production) programs.
  • Breaking down program specifications into their simplest elements and translating this logic into a programming language.
  • Provide innovative solutions to complex business problems, interface with clients and gather business requirements and objectives, translate the clients’ business requirements and objectives into technical applications and solutions.
  • Establishing a detailed program specification through discussion with clients, clarifying to clients what actions a program is intended to perform.
  • Testing sample data-sets to check that output from a program works as intended
  • Reacting to problems and correcting  program as necessary, devising possible solutions to anticipated problems
  • Evaluating and increasing  program’s effectiveness, adapting  program to new requirements if necessary
  • Conducting user acceptance testing to ensure a program can be used easily, quickly and accurately
  • Writing detailed documentation for the operation of a program by users and computer operators
  • Reviewing , updating, repairing, modifying and developing existing IRES information systems
  • Customizing existing IRES programs to clients’ needs and specification.
  • Presenting ideas for system improvements, including cost and writing prospective proposals
  • Maintaining IRES and clients’ systems once they are up and running
  • Consulting manuals, periodicals,  technical reports, attending seminars and workshops to learn new ways to develop programs, and for continuous improvement of existing skills and knowledge
  • Any other  work as may be assigned
  • A degree in computer science, software engineering or any other related field
Knowledge and skills required
  • Excellent Ajax skills (mandatory)
  • Excellent PHP programming skills
  • Strong skills in Java
  • Knowledge of development platforms such as CodeIgnitor and PhpStorm
  • Proven experience in developing mobile applications using J2ME,android development and other mobile technologies
  • Experience with Java development tools
  • Knowledge of databases and database systems
  • Understanding of Web technologies
  • Experience working with common Internet technologies (e.g. CSS, HTML, and JavaScript)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to explain technical issues to a non-technical audience
  • Strong ambition to adapt and learn new development technologies
  • Knowledge in Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Training in ICT programs
  • Marketing ICT products
If you meet the above criteria, please send your application and a detailed CV via email before 15th November, 2014.


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