Operations Manager at Takamoto Biogas

On Friday, January 23rd, 2015
Job Description
Takamoto Biogas is a rapidly growing renewable energy company in Nairobi providing biogas systems to small-scale farmers in rural Kenya. 

Building on two years of market research and installation experience, we have developed a new business model and technology that will bring the many benefits of biogas energy to the masses in Kenya by eliminating the main hurdle to its adoption – the high upfront cost.
Our new technology overcomes the biggest hurdle in biogas implementation, reducing the initial cost to consumers from KES 100,000 per unit by approximately 90%.  In Kenya alone, there are two million farmers with at least one cow who are potential clients.  
 Takamoto Biogas  – Operations Manager

We have piloted the new technology in Githunguri, installing over 70 systems in less than 4 months.  Having proven the demand, we are now preparing to scale up our operations.

On its way to this goal, Takamoto Biogas is looking for a motivated, proactive and energetic Operations Manager to manage our installations and maintenance.
This is a rare opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing company developing and scaling a new technology and an innovative business model to bring energy to the millions at the base of the pyramid in Kenya.

What would you do?
This is a two-part role that will include:
Execute current operations:
  • Manage inventory of appliances for sale
  • Manage supply chain of biogas reactors and components
  • Manage sourcing and delivery of appliances for sale
  • Analyze daily meter updates to identify systems for the repair teams to attend to
  • Monitor meter responses to payments for biogas credit to ensure that all payments are processed effectively
  • Ensure we comply with local business regulations
  • Ensure we have the necessary insurance covers in place
  • Maintain relationships with MFI partners supporting our clients (e.g., Kiva)
  • Manage Field Managers and coach them in the management of field operations including installations, repairs and shops
Improve processes to get us ready for scale up:
  • Build relationships with appliance suppliers and find optimal shipping method
  • Build relationships with installation material suppliers and find optimal delivery method
  • Analyze customer selection and segmentation to refine customer selection practices
  • Support the development of an automated process to identify and rectify payments that are not processed effectively
  • Hire Field Managers and operations staff
  • Develop all operations systems for scale up
The ideal candidate would:
  • Have previous experience bringing a company to scale
  • Have previous work experience in Africa
  • Have previous experience hiring a team
  • Have previous experience working with third party contractors
  • Speak Kiswahili
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office products
To apply, please fill in the form for Operations Manager at www.takamotobiogas.com/join-us/careers
Please note: if your application does not submit, try using a different browser such as Google Chrome or send an email to [email protected] explaining the issue you are experiencing.
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