Data Analysis Manager at TNS Global

On Monday, April 27th, 2015
Reports to: Operations Director

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Purpose of the Role: Manage to completion TNS projects; exercising excellent client and project management and strong technical (data processing and quality control) skills.

Projects for which you are responsible are to be completed in a timely and cost effective manner.  
Quality control and audit trail activities on any given project are to be complete and correct at all times; clarity of information (and deliverables) and  sharing with both clients and TNS management and staff is fundamental and should be adhered to.

Role Deliverables:
Hardware / Software Development:
  • Oversee the development of TNS DP existing product portfolio/software suite
  • Manage all communications regarding product development progress and usage and report on same to Operations Director
  • Work closely with the Operations Director to develop both internal and third party software solutions
  • Oversee / manage product testing and release information to internal and external clients
Department management:
  • Monitor all data production processes and adjusting schedules as needed: prioritizing jobs in terms complexity, volume, client delivery date, field deadlines, etc.
  • Ensuring that all projects are managed cost effectively: evaluate time spent on different processes: control and monitor project budgets
  • Implement quality standards and data validation processes
  • Provide constructive  input into projected costs of individual projects (time and cost estimates)
  • Add value to the development of the scripting team by providing strategic guidance and advice in improving quality of scripts
  • Prepare interview quality reports based on field omissions and queries sent to Head of Operations, Field and QC
  • Report on cost-related information and identify areas for cost control improvement – Internal Report
  • Identifying training needs and hold training sessions with team to broaden their skills
  • Deliver presentations to Field and CS to enhance their understanding of the processes involved in DP
Scope of the Role:  
  • Manage projects and team on all client accounts that require the services of the DP Department
  • Client contact: Extensive contact with senior-level internal clients
  • WPP/Regional responsibilities: None
  • Innovation in proposing contributions towards improving the operations and the working practices and processes of TNS from a project perspective
  • To contribute to TNS’ product development activities by managing the development process
Knowledge and skills required:
Excellent project management and communication skills (as follows)
  • To agree the project outline and deliverables with CS Project Manager
  • To ensure timeliness and accuracy in completion of project
  • To prepare quotes, tenders and update Project Management with all relevant project information (including financial)
  • To liaise professionally with clients/ TNS CS team on project management activities
  • To conduct face to face (and telephone/ online) direct meetings with clients/ TNS CS team as defined by project requirement
  • To ensure projects are adequately resourced in terms of personnel, budget, schedule
  • To maintain commercial awareness at all times during project lifecycle
  • Ability to manage and stimulate employees and teams
  • Be able to demonstrate superior technical and management skills.
  • Ability to set projects timelines, plans and financial targets
Excellent data processing skills:
  • To utilize TNS adopted, and in-house, software platforms and applications to prepare client deliverables
  • To retain responsibility for Analysis deliverables:  Market Research data tabular analyses, chart/graph analyses, survey data in pre-specified formats, TNS bespoke software solutions
  • Excellent quality control management skills; to assume responsibility for quality checking of analyses and scripting processes and to communicate same with clients.
  • Must be willing to interrogate data and be prepared to offer excellent investigative support to the client.
  • Exceptional knowledge of at least one Market Research industry recognized data editing and tabular analysis package (e.g. Quantum, Dimensions, QPS, etc…) and be willing to learn and perfect TNS adopted software suite) and at least one Market Research industry recognized online scripting application (e.g. Nfield, Dimensions, Confirmit), and IBM SPSS Statistics.
  • Huge MS Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) product application experience
  • Willingness to learn any other software products (commercial or in-house), identified by you/ the Operations Director as important to the position. Training in new (or additional) software applications will be provided where necessary.

Excellent internal client relation skills
  • To ensure all project management tasks for account(s) designated to the DP department are accurately tracked. i.e. monitor / audit quality of projects
  • To engage proactively with the CS team and client as appropriate, forming solid relationships and maintaining CS / client awareness of DP full portfolio of products and services
  • To occupy key senior outward-facing position in upper management of TNS (i.e. ensure that client is fully informed regarding all DP activities, show assertiveness in dealing with client from a management perspective)
  • Offering support to team members, internal departments and clients, as appropriate and ensuring data processing consultants and research consultants alike have necessary resource (internal and external)
Excellent leadership skills
  • To be active in managing given parts of TNS’ objectives
  • To take responsibility for helping to plan and implement company DP strategy
  • To promote continuing excellent quality of TNS’ outputs and systems through the company
  • To be active member (trainer) in TNS’ employee training program
  • To attend regular Meetings with Operations Director and report on performance within specific role
  • To keep appraised of subcontractors and external consultants’ skills and oversee TNS’ continuing relationship with them
Personal Requirements
  • Responsible, understanding, confident with impeccable attention to detail.
  • Education to degree level (Statistics, Applied Math, Computing) and/or possess a minimum 5-years’ experience in a market research data processing role. A 3+ years working experience in a multinational Market Research company would be considered as a plus.
  • Ability to demonstrate strong interpersonal and project management skills.
  • Ability to manage and work as part of a team; to assume individual responsibility and to act in a supervisory role and provide support on any given technical task/ issue.
  • Possess and display strong organizational and administrative skills; file management, time management, e-mail correspondence and documentation handling with full and accurate recording of all tasks as required in accordance with TNS corporate policies
  • Be able to demonstrate superior quality in written, verbal and presentation communications.
  • A self-starter committed to completing projects
  • Works well under pressure and is deadline driven
  • Has a proactive and progressive (“can do”) approach – in the intervention, prevention and solving of problems
  • Prepared to work overtime should the need arise
  • Strong problem-solving and organizational skills
  • Able to conceptualize new procedures and methods
  • Adhere to TNS Research Surveys’ ethics and standards
Applications to be submitted to [email protected] not later than 8th May 2015
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