Open Data Fellows at ICT Authority (ICTA)

On Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015
Urgent Vacancies: Open Data Fellows – Open Data Project

Do have skills in Data Management / Software Development OR are strong in Communications, Social Media Marketing and public engagement? 

The ICT Authority (ICTA) is in the process of strengthening access to government data through the Kenya Open Data Initiative (KODI). Working with a consultant, ICTA is planning to implement a fellows program in selected government institutions/ departments. As a pilot, ICTA plans to engage fellows in four HOST institutions/ departments. 2 fellows will be deployed to each of the four fellows programs. The purpose of the fellows program is to strengthen the capacity of the host institutions to generate and publish data sets of public interest. Two fellows will be deployed to the institutions for a period of four months starting the month of June. The work of the fellows will be to engage with the relevant departments/ staff to establish and implement internal procedures and guidelines for data publishing. The fellows will also support the development of software that will enable the institutions to generate and publish the relevant datasets.

Key Responsibilities

  • OD situational assessment of the host institutions
  • Development of OD milestones and timelines for achievement by the fellows program
  • Creation of underlying infrastructures including necessary software for the identified data sets/ appropriate formats for data processing and publishing
  • Engagement with relevant departments in the development of internal guidelines and procedures for data processing and submission for publishing
  • Data collection, processing and submission for publishing
  • Monthly report submission to the lead consultant documenting achievements, challenges and lessons learnt
  • Marketing of institutional data through social media
  • Periodic performance reviews and adjustment of the OD support as appropriate
  • Monitoring and responding to users’ feedback, requests and comments on institutional data
  • Engagement with both senior and operations-level management within the organization to understand the organizations focus & objectives in regard to OD and to support the initiative even post the fellows program
  • Identification, processing and submission of one visualization data sets for publishing in the open data portal
  • Engagement of the public on the visualized data, for discussions and use
  • Submission of final report by the fellows to the lead consultant

Required Qualifications

The fellows will be selected from a pool of qualified graduates holding diploma or degree certificates in the relevant fields. One fellow in each case will be required to have skills in data management and software development while the other fellow will be strong in communications, social media marketing and public engagement. The qualifications of the fellows are as outlined below:

Category A: IT/ Computer/ Data management fellow

  • University degree/ diploma in computer studies/ IT
  • Knowledge of data management tools
  • Skills in software development and development of data bases for large data sets
  • Ability to manipulate large data sets in various formats
  • Skills in data visualizations and audience engagement in discussions on visualized data
  • Ability to transfer knowledge and build capacity of others through trainings and mentorship activities.
  • Knowledge in institutional strengthening through development of internal policies, procedures and guidelines to support data management and reporting

Category B: Communications/ Public engagement fellow

  • University degree/ diploma in information systems, communications/ social sciences
  • Knowledge and skills in social media engagement tools
  • Experience in public engagement through the social media
  • Excellent public communication skills
  • Knowledge in institutional strengthening through development of internal policies, procedures and guidelines to support information access

Recruitment Process

Interested candidates should address their applications to:


The Lead Consultant

Open data outreach, demand-driven engagement and co-creation

[email protected]

Deadline: Close of Day Thursday, 4th June 2015

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