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On Tuesday, August 11th, 2015
Background: The mission of the Zeitz Foundation is to create and support sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible projects and destinations around the world to achieve long-lasting impact and sustainability, with the goal of maintaining and improving the integrity of ecosystems through effective, sustainable management practices, which enhance the ability of ecosystems to deliver services for the benefit of mankind. 
To achieve this vision and goal the Foundation promotes an innovative approach to sustainable ecosystem management which aims to achieve sustainability through a balance of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (the 4Cs). 
The Zeitz Foundation is implementing a climate change mitigation and adaptation project across Laikipia County with funding from Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) with four main components; conservation agriculture, rain water harvesting, forestry/ecological restoration and human wildlife conflict mitigation. 
Job Summary: Reporting to Project manager the officer will work directly with the Project for the next 24 months and provide support to Laikipia Unity Programme (LUP) a sport for conservation initiative also run by the Foundation

There are three elements to this job. Firstly, the officer will support the project manager in the implementation of the Conservation Agriculture (CA), Forestry and Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) component s of NCF project in Segera and across Laikipia County. 
Secondly, coordinate provision of extension services to farmers together with the other project staff on CA, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), forestry and HWC.
Lastly, the officer will assist Laikipia Unity Programme manager to implement and monitor the 4Cs projects undertaken by all the teams in the 8 zones

Job Responsibilities 
  • Assist the project manager in the establishment and implementation of 10 CA training and demonstration sites 
  • Provide support during field training workshops and at organized training events throughout the life of the project. 
  • Using ZF online platform, provide technical support to field staff, coordinate their activities and reports 
  • Maintain the HWC and mitigation/intervention database throughout the life of the project 
  • Implement the CA and identified HWC mitigation technologies at respective sites and monitor success of the interventions 
  • Provide regular updates on performance of CA and the different HWC technologies to inform project implementation
  • Coordinate provision of regular extension services to farmers with the support of field staff during field visits 
  • Identify any CA, RWH, forestry and HWC challenges during field visit and address them with the assistance of responsible project staff 
  • Prepare monthly reports on performance of training and demonstration sites, TOTs and farmers’ progress highlighting successes, challenges and lessons learnt. 
Educational Qualification
  • Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture, natural resource management or related field 

Essential Qualifications

  • A minimum of three years’ experience in providing agriculture extension and technical advising, preferably to small-holder farmers.
  • Strong background and experience in managing and coordinating agricultural development projects.
  • Demonstrated technical knowledge of conservation agriculture and green manure cover crops.
  • A history of working with Ministry of Agriculture staff.
  • Experience in program monitoring and evaluation including designing and implementing surveys and data analysis
  • Experience in working with and through partners and in motivating and developing the skills of others.
  • Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Sound knowledge of, and interest in, information and communications technology, including the use of spreadsheets and GIS
  • Analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to work both as part of a team and independently.
  • Proven track record in report writing.
  • Training, facilitation, and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrated commitment to promote a positive work environment and respectful relationships that value diversity and equality. 
Qualified candidates should send their application (cover letter, CV and salary history) to [email protected] before 21st August 2015. 
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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