Marketing Analyst Intern at Nova Academies

On Thursday, October 29th, 2015
Nova Academies is seeks a Marketing Analyst Intern to start soon as possible. 
The program runs until February 2015.

About Nova Academies: Nova Academies is a pan-African school network that prepares the next generation of leaders and innovators through world-class teaching methods with an emphasis on 21st century skills. 

We currently have two schools in South Africa, and we are opening our first school in Nairobi in January 2016. 
Using the 8-4-4 curriculum combined with the best international training, we deliver a truly world-class educational experience with exciting opportunities to learn and grow both inside and outside of the classroom. 
Nova students learn to think critically, solve problems creatively, and develop solutions using technology and engineering skills.

At Nova, our students learn through embracing and eventually overcoming challenges with the help of their peers, their teachers, and developing their unique abilities. 

Students from every background are not only welcome, but will learn to thrive in Nova’s academic approach. Our impressive teaching staff is trained to treat each student in a highly personalized way, helping him uncover his unique talents and passions.

The Marketing Analyst Intern will be required to support the marketing team by maintaining our database of leads, applications, and partners, and by analysing our marketing and customer research data to create insights and recommendations to drive our marketing strategy.

As part of your internship, you will be able to explore other duties depending on interest – including making recommendations based on analysis to drive marketing strategy, designing market research and interpreting data to provide insights on our customers, or engaging with customers and institutions to increase applications.

As a Marketing Analyst, you will be responsible for the following: 

  • Maintain and man age our CRM database of leads, applications, calls, visits, and partners.
  • Liaise with our customer engagement team to keep up-to-date with the progress of all our marketing efforts and ensure data is entered accurately.
  • Maintain and improve our marketing dashboard and provide daily and weekly updates to the marketing team and to management.
  • Develop a report to compile all learnings from our marketing efforts of this year and make recommendations for marketing strategy for future years.
  • Develop metrics for evaluating the ROI of our offline marketing activities that determine the effectiveness and strategy moving forward.
This position requires you to be:
  • Analytical: You will be comfortable with numbers and will enjoy digging through data to develop insights and recommendations.
  • A go-getter: You’re hungry to learn and you’re looking for a fast-paced organization to launch your career. You’re able to work independently and you will take your own initiative to find solutions to problems. 
  • Detail oriented: You will be responsible for handling and inputting our crucial customer data into the system in a manner that ensures quality and accuracy.
  • A people person: Your work will entail you interacting and following up with the entire marketing team on a daily basis and the wider organization as well.
  • Organised: You will be required not only to tracking multiple pieces of work and to-dos for yourself, but you will be partly responsible for the system and processes that guides the outreach efforts of the entire marketing team.
  • Technology proficient: You are someone who has an appreciation of the use of technology as a tool to improve productivity and increase capability. You should be able to type fast and be a quick learner of new applications.
About you:
  • A Bachelors in Commerce, Business, IT, Engineering, the Sciences or similar.
  • Outstanding attention to detail and exceptional organisational skills.
  • You have worked in some capacity with  analysis, IT, or data.
  • Strong Proficiency with spreadsheet applications such as Excel or Google Sheets, and strong familiarity with Google Docs.
  • Proficiency with Google Docs and/or office applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-moving, challenging environment and to learn rapidly.
  • Able to learn new computer applications quickly and be able to type at at least 40 wpm.
Working at Nova Academies
  • We model the growth mindset we want our students to embody: you are challenged every day and, as a result, you grow more than at any other point in your life.
  • We pursue excellence  in every detail and do whatever it takes to produce great work quickly
  • We are radically open : we share tough messages and our own vulnerabilities because doing so
  • We put our students before our team , and our team before ourselves.
  • We bring infectious energy, enthusiasm and fun  to everything we do because joy fuels the hardest work and learning.
  • We move fast and work hard – we are looking for people who want to do what it takes to help change the world, not those who want a simple 9-to-5 job.
  • We are committed to your professional growth: we demand excellence, but will support you as you develop your skills on the job.
  • We are a community: each day we take lunch together and each week we celebrate each others’ successes.
  • Nova Academies is a fast growing company. There may be full-time opportunities available however this is not guaranteed.
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