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On Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

For Content Writers: Ardor Content Wants You!

Ardor Content wants you as a writer! Here you have the chance to have unlimited work! That is, if you are a writer who would love to write for our customers, get good pay and join our exclusive community of skilled writers.

If you can produce interesting and accurate information out of topics related to our customers’ business niches, why not get your hands on this opportunity and start earning?

In Ardor Content, our writers are assessed in different criteria to see if they can keep up with clients’ needs. These include English language skills (composition, spelling and grammar skills) and research skills. For well-researched content, we look out for writers to:

UNDERSTAND: have the ability to comprehend unknown business niches and their objectives
ATTRACT: expand interesting ideas that visitors can relate, getting them on track towards knowing a business better
COMMUNICATE: make different topics related to the business more understandable to everyone
BE ACCURATE: make adequate research to ensure that information in the content is accurate
BE SYSTEMATIC: understand and apply good/appropriate research methods

In short, be talented writers that you are and be strategic researchers that you can be! We would love for you to apply to us. In your application, present the following: a) explain why we should hire you b) your previous writing experiences, including your resume and c) your expected rate per article. In your application, your email subject should be: Ardor Content Writer (that way we’ll know if you were paying attention reading this). Send your application to: [email protected] .

Contact Information

Email Address:   [email protected]

Contact Name:   JB T.


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