Essay Writing Competition at Competition Authority of Kenya

On Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Introductory Note: The Competition Authority of Kenya (the Authority) is established under the Competition Act, No. 12 of 2010 (the Act). 
The Authority’s mandate is to enforce the Act with the object of enhancing the welfare of the people of Kenya by promoting and protecting effective competition in markets and preventing misleading market conduct throughout Kenya.
It endeavors to achieve the above outcome through control of mergers; unwarranted concentration of economic power; prohibition of Abuse of Dominance; regulation of concerted practices and prohibition of unfair and misleading market conduct. 
Effective competition and regulation together contribute to economic growth and welfare while creating an atmosphere that supports innovation. With this objective and with the aim of encouraging
intellectual discourse among students on Competition Law and Policy, the Authority is introducing an Essay writing competition.
This Essay writing competition is open for ALL students of both public and private Universities. 
In addition the competition is aimed at promoting writing and analytical skills among University students while encouraging research and analysis on these important topics:
For Undergraduates:
  • What is meant by effective competition?
For Postgraduate Students:
  • When evaluating mergers of competitors how should the Competition Authority of Kenya balance increased efficiency from larger scale production with less competition from only having a few local producers?
  1. Students must write on the topic in English.
  2. The Essay shall be original and unpublished and must not exceed 2500 words.
  3. Copying from books/newspapers is prohibited unless for specific case references.
  4. The Essay must be typed using font 12 in Times New Roman and saved in Word File.
  5. For print outs kindly use both sides of the paper (Duplex printing)
Criteria for Judgment
Primary consideration will be given to the Essay’s originality and its contribution to new knowledge, insights and creative approach. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Essays will be judged and awarded separately.

Essays will be judged according to the following Criteria:
  • Substance and originality e.g concept and grasp of competition issues (50 marks)
  • Clarity, creativity and practicality. (20marks)
  • Writing style, compositions and organization. (15 marks)
  • Language, grammar and presentation. (15 marks)
* Shortlisted Students will be expected to make a presentation to a panel 
For Undergraduate:
  • 1 prize- Fees worth 50,000/=
  • 2nd prize- Fees worth 30,000/=
For Postgraduate:
  • 1 prize- Fees worth 80,000/=
  • 2nd prize- Fees worth 50,000/=
* The winning Essays shall be recommended for publication in prestigious global journals
* Both the winning and runners up students will be awarded certificates of honour.
* The fees will be paid directly to the respective Universities
Important Dates
  • Deadline for submission of Essays is 30th April, 2014
  • No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
  • Only ONE submission will be accepted per student.
  • Students should write their full contact details (Names, Adress, Telephone number, email address)
  • Students should write their full names, degree! masters’ degree pursued.
  • Their year of study, student number and from which University.
* The Authority may seek proof of enrollment in University
Essay can be sent via email or dropped off at the Competition Authority of Kenya Offices as given below.
Drop off:
Kenya Railways’ Headquarters,
Block ‘D Ground Floor
Workshop Road off
Halle Selassie Avenue.

For more information please visit
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