Presales Team Members and Program Office Coordinator Graduate Trainees at GVA Partners

On Monday, July 21st, 2014

Pre sales hiring in Kenya (Both Ladies required )

Presales team member (fresh)

Job Description:

 Responsible for developing customer solution in the sales cycle, based on understanding customer needs and aligning those needs with the partner &the client’s alliance offering. Shall support the sales team with the required product information, communicate sales strategies effectively and support sales team in the entire liaison required.


Key Responsibilities

  • Work with  sales team to help define / refine sales messages and ensure sales packages are developed and messages communicated to sales team
  •  Ensure that the Pre-Sales resources evolve in line with the Marketing Message and Sales Teams stated requirements
  • Production of responses to Requests for information/ Requests for pricing / Requests for proposals
  • Work with Sales personnel to provide product, business and technical knowledge in support of pre sales activities
  • Liaison with Product Managers and Development to understand details of product direction and design and communicate information back to sales organization
  • Responsible for understanding business and technical problems addressed by the products
  • Responsible for staying on competitive analyses and understanding differentiators between the company and its competitors
  •  Responsible for preparing for meetings and understanding differentiators between the company and its competitors
  •  Monitoring and managing the technical pre-sales environments
  • Developing and generating the sales and related reports for analysis




  • Must be experienced Telecom Operator  in Enterprise segment (4 to 8 years)
  • Must be a Team player and adaptive to the competitive market environment
  •  First rate network and services support experience
  • Experience of working to strict KPI and SLA (Internal and External)
  •  Sound applied theoretical knowledge of core and access network infrastructure, data and voice services
  • Exceptional communicational and interpersonal skills
  • Fully aware of the contemporary, evolving technologies in the field of communications, internet and Telecom industry



Fresh Pre-sales team member;


Please note that we are looking for candidates from target companies

like : access Kenya, business connexions , dimension data OR TELCO

enterprise units ex-Airtel, ex-MTN, Tata people especially those dealing

with enterprise pre sales from operator sid



Program Office coordinator ( fresh University graduate ok)

Job Description

  1. Grow and maintain the client relationship.
  • Meet Sales and Solution Architects to spread the word about the client
  • Engage with ICT solution architects to
  1. Bid Management from the Client perspective.
  • Coordinate with client’s back Bid Manager & Solution Owner to engage team when a new tender/RFP comes in.
  • Prepare BQF/ES.
  • Coordinate with the back end team for the client’s deliverables on time.

ü  Clarification Questionnaire (within 2-3 days of receiving RFP)

ü  Technical Proposal (at least 1 day before actual submission date )

ü  Commercials (at least 1 day before actual submission date )

ü  Technical-compliance

  •  Support client’s Solution Architect to checklist all deliverables for the proposal
  • Review document, format and edit with help of back end as and when required.
  1. Attend customer meetings as and when required
  2. Sales-Specialist Coordination
  • Weekly report received from Sales Specialist depending on the KPIs set by respective department head.
  • Weekly Meeting on consolidated Opportunity Tracker with ICT team.
  • Monthly meeting with department heads for review.
  • Also coordinate Sales Specialists Interviews and On-Boarding


To apply send email to madeleine @


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